With the help of meditation, the patient can get into a state of self-awareness by training the concentration. Through increased awareness of his body, his feelings and thoughts, the self-healing powers are activated, thereby supporting and promoting healing processes.

A whole series of scientific studies have now shown that meditation leads to a deep state of relaxation, which also influences favorably physical dysregulations, such as Hypertension, sleep disorders or nerve regulatory disorders.

Other positive effects of regular meditation:

  • Improve brain concentration and cognitive performance
  • Relief of the heart by lowering blood pressure and reducing the pulse rate
  • Increase of oxygen intake by deep breathing
  • Strengthening the back due to the discipline practiced
  • reduction of the pain sensation
  • Increase in stress resistance by practicing inner serenity
  • decrease of tiredness and higher vitality

We offer in our practice a guided meditation on Yashi Kunz. Here active and passive types of meditation are combined.

Active meditation pursues a conscious goal and focuses on certain contents such as the perception of different colors and sounds in the body.

Passive meditation is a deep immersion in one's own human existence, which mobilizes a sense and awareness of a vast human energy system with a variety of thoughts and feelings and also promotes mental health.