Have you ever wondered if something is missing in your life? If so, what are you missing?

What bothers you, inhibits and interferes with you or even causes you pain and makes you ill?

Are you longing for more lightness and vitality?

I'll be happy to help answer these questions and help you regain more health and lust for life.

The human being as a unity of body, mind and soul is the focus of my treatments. Health arises when these three components are intact and in a harmonious balance.

Get to know me on the following pages and get an idea of ​​my practice and my diagnostic and healing methods. If you have a question, I am always at your disposal personally. Please contact me!

My treatment spectrum includes:

Body Therapy:
Foot Reflexology, Neural Therapy, Electromagnetic Blood Test, Infusion Therapy, Phytotherapy / Homeopathy / Spagyric, Excretory Therapy / Detoxification

Talk therapy